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The second issue that Andrew Sullivan takes up in his New York Magazine column this week is that of transgender athletes and transphobia. That is, until she recently declared that it was unfair in some instances for transwomen to compete in sports against biological women. That, as you know, is enough to brand someone as transphobic.

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John McWhorter :. During an interview with Barbara Walters, holding hands with then-wife Presley, Jackson mentioned that his father had sometimes scared him so badly that he regurgitated into his mouth. The childhood was horrific, in a way that would have left most people scarred.

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Aoife Kelly Twitter Email. Unsurprisingly, given it's a film about male strippers, the visibility or not of Channing's man bits was a pressing question. No matter if you're a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in Matt Bomer's eyes.

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The original group broke up inbut vocalist Dinah Cancer subsequently revived the band. The band was founded by Paul B. Cutler in Los Angeles, California during the punk rock movement, formed alongside another band with almost the same lineup called Vox Pop, which produced two singles.

The leaked tape recording of Michael Cohen and Donald Trump discussing how to handle the payoff to silence yet another extracurricular paramour, Karen McDougal, is more important, it seems to me, than has been generally acknowledged. It really feels like the actual Trump, the man behind the curtain. And this Trump is quite clearly in charge.

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A Florida man was taken into custody on Sunday after he allegedly used a pair of scissors to cut off the penis of a man he believed was sleeping with his wife, police said. According to the Gilchrist County Sheriff's OfficeAlex Bonilla49, was arrested after one of his neighbors informed deputies that Bonilla had tied him up at gunpoint and used a pair of scissors to remove his penis. Bonilla then allegedly fled the victim's home still holding the severed organ, the neighbor said.

If there's one thing that helps bridge the civil-military divide between service members and nasty civilians like myself, it's an appreciation of giant dicks drawn in the sky by cocksure aviators. Is that Maybe we're just seeing things and the contrail in the photo was simply the byproduct of a standard aviation exercise; maybe I just see dicks everywhere like my therapist keeps telling me.

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One of my favorite words is quickening as a noun. And what this last week suggests to me is that there is a quickening in the crisis of the Trump presidency. We can intuit this because we now know that the Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos knew by April that Russia had thousands of allegedly incriminating emails from Hillary Clinton, and planned to release them.

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Prince Screws was an Alabama cotton-plantation slave who became a tenant farmer after the Civil War, likely on his former master's land. His son, Prince Screws Jr. And that man's son, Prince Screws III, left home for Indiana, where he found work as a Pullman porter, part of the exodus of southern blacks to the northern industrial cities.

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