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Some pussy ass niggas starin at me They got some big ass chains on with big ass rocks A couple niggas standin behind em throwin up blocks They claimin they whip pots, got the streets on lock And they don't take no disrespect and keep their heats on cock And if they punch you in your face then some teeth gon drop Man I don't know where the fuck y'all thinkin that we from at But you niggas is keystone cops, laurel and hearted Little rascals tryna be big, just gon fuck up the party Thinkin that cause you drink a couple of fortys and twist phillys phillys That y'all is bout to take over the game, bitch really? You goin broke tryna slang that crack And you only gon fight a nigga that ain't gon fight back And that's wack, they don't get you no damn props You niggas is sheeps in wolves clothing and I eat lamb chops, c'mon. They must be full of that when they hit it A sucker wit the semi, bet he run right when he hear me His niggas masqueradin, faker than silicone A bad apple in the bunch, now we figure your city foldin Homie, I'm from street po, I know how to dish a clip at you Wouldn't you?

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Thursday 15 August Shares. There have been a lot of goofy ass niggas lately doing lots of goof ass shit ofng but the hoes are too they are Fucking sucking you name it. Women no longer allowed to drive after 8 pm A new law will go into affect January prohibiting women from driving after 8 pm in most states.

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All I like is them jazzy hoes, the type that make a nigga spend all his dough Sho nuff a sight, anything ya like You know the ones you wanna make your wife, ya heard me? Little fast bitch, actin' sarcastic Need to get her ass kicked, tryin' to get the cash quick She be my last pick, I got a real hoe Take yo' ass back to class and buy a dildo Don't let the freak in you keep you up all night Gettin' fucked and sucked, you wastin' your life Before a real nigga ever kick a hoe down She gotta understand what I know now Ain't no broke down, lazy, gold digging, cute bitch Come around me gettin' credit cards and don't do shit, bitch I travel throughout the year I keep a woman with a house and her own career So when I buy her a diamond ring, it's just a gift what's your name? Too Short baby, don't need to trick I give her what she want cause I'm a real player Platinum after platinum, ask me how I feel later All I like is them jazzy hoes, the type that make a nigga spend all his dough Sho nuff a sight, anything ya like You know the ones you wanna make your wife, ya heard me?

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Some jokesters working at a Virginia Burger King decided to pull a little prank on two customers and ending up making a grandmother cry. Lorel was so offended she had to fight back tears. The Richmond resident noticed the profanity after picking up her order from the drive-through window and immediately asked to speak with the manager, who apologized. At Burger King Corp.

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A grandmother nearly ended up weeping into her Whopper after a Burger King employee called her and her daughter-in-law "bitch ass hoes" on a receipt. The customer, who identified herself as "Miss Lorel," tried not to cry as she told Richmond, Virginia news station WTVR that the receipt was "more than an insult. Although she had picked up her order at the drive-thru, the receipt angered Lorel enough to confront the manager of the BK, who apologized to her.

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Master P feat. Silkk The Shocker and Mia X. Moderator Overview Albums 17 Lyrics Playlist 4.


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