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Peter Kenyon. Conservatives in Egypt are in a lather over a new device that promises to simulate the bleeding a virgin bride experiences on her wedding night. Politicians are calling the device an assault on Islamic and Arab values.

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Take our short screener now. Alessandra Bocchi. Pre-marital sex is common, but virginity at marriage is often still expected of women [AFP].

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The belief that it is easier to discern the virgin state of a woman than a man is more fable than fact, argues medical anthropologist Sherria Ayuandini. Unfortunately, it is still widely believed and practised to subjugate women. The Human Rights Watch condemned the test as a form of gender-based violence and called on the military to end the practice immediately, which it says violates the prohibition of inhuman treatment under international human rights law.

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In a world of extreme makeovers where human bodies are now fashioned to order, this may be the ultimate plastic surgery. It is for women only. It is veiled in secrecy.

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Question: What are these thin strips of plastic encapsulating a reddish liquid, and why have they prompted such outrage in Egypt? Answer: an artificial hymen, made in China and complete with fake blood. Women who wish to hide the fact that they have lost their virginity before getting married can slip it in on their wedding night, "add a few moans", and relax, Chinese manufacturer Gigimo advertises on its website.

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Negotiating Virginity: Narratives of Defloration from late nineteenth-century Egypt Liat Kozma Scholars of Middle Eastern societies have tried to understand the social meanings of women's premarital sexuality within two main paradigms. The first is an essentialist understanding of patriarchy, which sees it as a system in which the taboo regarding female premarital sex is maintained and enforced almost exclusively by men. Central to this paradigm is the theme of "honor killing," that is, the killing of a woman by a male relative for engaging in, or for being suspected of engaging in, pre- or extramarital sex.

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United Nations agencies call for ban on virginity testing 17 October News release. In a global call to eliminate violence against women and girls everywhere, this medically unnecessary, and often times painful, humiliating and traumatic practice must end. Virginity testing is a long-standing tradition that has been documented in at least 20 countries spanning all regions of the world.

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There is a definite internal conflict that comes with being brought up as British Muslim. I grew up with my mum forcing me to cover my eyes every time a long kissing scene came up on Eastenders. I also grew up with the notion that if I had sex before marriage I would go to hell.

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Ahhh, virginity. What are you? How do people lose you? So do you have to actually engage in anything that includes penetration for you to lose your virginity or not?


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