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Vaginal discharges are normal and help keeps your vagina moist and comfortable. Normal vaginal discharge is clear or white. When it dries on your underwear it looks yellow and has a slight smell.

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You may want to look at their policies. Vaginal Discharge: Icky But Amazing. Ok, so vaginal discharge is a little icky.

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When some women get really aroused, they might expel liquid from their urethra or vagina in quantities that range from a few drops to a cup-full. Some scientists claim that female-ejaculation is urine and that it is caused by urinary incontinence. I do not agree.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. But for the rest of us, discharge is an almost daily occurrence.

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Vaginal discharge is a healthy part of vaginal health. More to the point, the discharge can mean your vagina is healthy. However, from time to time, white discharge may be a sign of an underlying problem.

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Vulvovaginal candidiasis is known as one of the most common fungal infection among women of reproductive age and considered as an important public health problem. In recent years, due to resistance to common antifungal medication, the use of traditional medicine of anti-fungal and herbal treatmentis increased. Therefore the objective of this study was to determine the effects of vaginal cream, mixture of yogurt and honey and comparing it with clotrimazole vaginal cream on symptoms of Vulvovaginal candidiasis in patients.

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It really depends, because there are a few possibilities, and it could be any one or all of them. Most commonly, that'd just be a person with a vagina 's usual vaginal discharges. At nearly any given time, we have vaginal discharges and cervical mucus which are part of our monthly fertility cycle, and also the way the vagina cleans itself.

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Using vaginal wipes, disinfectants and other such products is associated with infection, according to a new study. Doctors have long advised women to avoid vaginal douching because of the risk of infection and other adverse effects, but a new study suggests other feminine hygiene products may be just as harmful. The University of Guelph-led study found that 95 per cent of almost 1, Canadian women surveyed about their use of over-the-counter sanitizing gels, anti-itch creams, moisturizers, sprays and wipes had used such products at least once in their lifetime. But the study also found that women who use feminine hygiene products are three times more likely to experience some type of vaginal infection.

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Powered by WordPress. Recent Yeah, as a sex educator I get that question a lot.

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Vaginal discharge, cervical fluid, and arousal fluid: are they all the same thing? Not quite. Here, we explain how they vary, how to identify each one, and what you should do if your vaginal fluid starts to look, smell, or feel abnormal.


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