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Orgasmic Meditation OM is a unique wellness practice that combines mindfulness with the power of the deeply human, deeply felt experience of Orgasm. It is a whole new approach to wellness. The same way that we have been moving from processed to whole foods, from mere fitness to yoga, OM shifts our intimate experience out of the dark and into the light.

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OneTaste is a business dedicated to researching and teaching the practices of orgasmic meditation and slow sex. Though it embraces certain tenets based in Eastern philosophyOneTaste's central focus is female orgasm and sexuality, [2] [3] especially in a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. The organization's stated goal is "to create a clean, well-lit place where sexuality, relationship, and intimacy could be discussed openly and honestly.

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Nicole Daedone—the creator of Orgasmic Meditation OM and the founder of its rapidly growing organization, OneTaste —explains it in broad terms: OM is to sex, as yoga is to fitness. More specifically, and simply, the practice of OM looks like this: a woman lies down and her partner strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes using a learned technique. It turns out that there are 10 primary spots on the clitoris and each one has its own particular sensation.

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Last year, at a workshop titled Introduction to OM, I learned the practice of orgasmic meditation : Someone strokes the upper left quadrant of your clitoris for 13 minutes and then presses on your vulva to "ground" you for two minutes—all with no goal other than to be aware of your sensations in the present moment. OM has an extremely loyal following of people who believe it sharpens their intuitions, improves their relationships, helps them overcome sexual shame, and more. In fact, its devotees are so passionate it's sometimes accused of being cultlike. Some people actually live in "OM houses" where they OM regularly and follow the practice's principles, like mindfulness and honoring your desire, in their everyday lives.

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The result is said to be therapeutic, rather than sexual. Tiku did a thorough job of demystifying the practice. Here are the most important things to know about OneTaste and the OM experience:.

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Orgasmic meditation is practiced in pairs, with one practitioner stroking the genitals of the other, and both focusing their attention on the sensation with the stated goal of developing connective resonance between them. Although the practitioners can be of either sex, the focus of orgasmic meditation seems to be on the female orgasm through subtle and deliberate stimulation of the clitoris see Wikipedia on orgasmic meditation. The result is said to be therapeutic, rather than sexual.

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We are not affiliated with OneTaste in any way except in that we share a love for the practice of Orgasmic Meditation OM. We are a sex-positive group of people who like to OM and have fun together—and we prefer to do it as a consensus-based, independent community of equal adults. This page is just for local OM community connection and fun.

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De Orgasmic Mindfulness of Westchester. Come immerse in potent Orgasm for the evening. Doors open at pm, Demo starts at pm.

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A young redhead lies on the table before us, legs butterflied open, breathing heavily. Seventy people crane their necks. We are about to witness a live demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation, a.

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OM essentially applies the same principles of attention, mindfulness, and spiritual connection that you'd find in a yoga class to your sex life. Right now, we're going about orgasms all wrong, according to OM evangelist Nicole Daedone, preacher of the minute orgasm yes, really and creator of One Tastean educational platform touting the benefits of practicing orgasmic mediation. To fuel all the other areas of your life, your orgasm should be your number one priority. Whether you buy into the spiritual pursuit of chasing a state of Nirvana or not, the practice has some super practical roots.


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