Paypal sucks who can i use

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Probably the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. I currently live in Portugal but have a Swedish PP account. I couldn't withdraw my funds to my Portuguese bank account because this account had to be in Swedish currency, SEK.

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Millions of people who sell items on eBay each year risk becoming the victims of fraud because they wrongly assume PayPal will protect them in payment disputes. In recent weeks Guardian Money has been contacted by several sellers of expensive items — mostly laptops — who have become victims of a fast-growing fraud. But later it transpires that the payment was made fraudulently by someone hacking into a legitimate account.

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Up until 2 months ago, PayPal was my default payment system. I was actually receiving affiliate commissions for a website I was promoting, and repeatedly told the PayPal staff this in the review stage. In fact, it took over days to get my money out of my first account, and my second one?

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New to the community? Please read our Community Rules and Guidelines. I have been PayPal verified for several years and so has my son.

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This blog post is 15 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

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Yes, there are alternatives, most prominently Google Checkout, however the fact remains that PayPal is the king of online payments. Here are three ways that PayPal sucks and what you can potentially do about the problems:. This happened to me once and made my life positively miserable.

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I was a user paypal for about 2 years. I was hearing all this bad stuff about paypal but I kept dismissing it because I have never had a problem with it. Well low and behold, my problem has risen.

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Jump to navigation. The other day I closed an account of mine that was the default account in PayPal. Then I went to withdraw some money.

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It is very true that PayPal sucks! They are so disgusting that sometimes they will even block verified customers from sending money online! You have added your credit card verified it.

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I opened a PayPal account years ago in the UK and it was easy to use and of great service. I was allowed to open both accounts with the same email account at the time of opening my Thai PayPal account. Now when I try to login, I am told there is unusual activity and to secure the account. I secure the account and go through continuous security loops, even answering secure questions nobody else will know.


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